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Termite baiting systems are among the most effective treatment options for these concerning pests.

When it comes to pest control, the treatment you choose ultimately determines the outcome. Certain treatment options are much more effective than others on certain types of pests, while others won’t deliver the results you want. For example, treating spiders with spray-based pesticide treatments often won’t do much because spiders don’t drag their bodies on the ground. Baiting systems are much more effective on arachnids, as they can take the poison from the bait to their nests. Baiting systems also work well for termites.

Baiting Systems in Durham, North Carolina

At Castle Exterminators, we focus on providing effective solutions for a number of pest problems. We take an innovative and customized approach to every situation, rather than applying the same treatment for all clients who request our services. Our technicians have the experience needed to address a number of pest problems, including termites, which can cause a lot of property damage in a short period of time. Termite baiting systems are among the most effective treatment options for these concerning pests.

Our pest control services are available to those located in and around Durham, North Carolina. We can take care of pest issues on both residential and commercial properties. Something that sets us apart is our ability to take a more customized approach to pest control, using eco-friendly products and fewer chemicals than other companies while also providing effective results. Our locally owned and operated company cares about giving you a pest-free home or business, and we’ll take the steps necessary to make that happen and prevent future infestations.


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