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We do a better job than most when handling pest management at your home or business.

At Castle Exterminators, we believe that the best strategy for effective pest management is prevention. If you have pests at your home or business, we can take care of these bothersome critters with a variety of treatment methods, but we also recommend preventative solutions to reduce the risk of future problems. Although there are a number of pest control companies that offer service in and around Durham, North Carolina, there are several aspects of our approach to pest control that set us apart from the rest.

Pest Management in Durham, North Carolina

The first differentiator in our pest management strategy is our eco-friendly approach. We use these products because we believe that minimal pesticide use is better for you, your family, and the environment. Our technicians also look for targeted solutions and more effective treatment options, based on the situation. For example, we use baiting systems for certain types of pests as they are more effective than spraying pesticides and hoping for the best. Something else that sets us apart is the time we spend with each client. We do a better job than most when handling pest management at your home or business.

Our company has been serving local property owners for nearly a decade, and we take a thorough approach to pest management. We want to treat existing pest problems and prevent future problems from popping up on your property. Our technicians can also provide ongoing inspections to look for signs of infestations so you can feel confident that your property is safe and protected from the impacts of bothersome and dangerous pests.

At Castle Exterminators, we offer pest management services in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough, North Carolina.