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Get rid of mosquitos once and for all.

Mosquitos are a pain in the neck. Not only that, but they carry diseases with them that could hurt you and your family if you get bitten. If you’re tired of taking your parties inside because of a mosquito infestation, at Castle Exterminators, we want to tell you about In2Care solutions.

In2Care Solutions in Durham, North Carolina

In2Care solutions specifically target Aedes mosquitos. These mosquitos are hard to control because they lay their eggs in small breeding sites. They have also become incredibly resistant to traditional chemical insecticides. The in2Care mosquito trap not only kills Aedes mosquitos, but also attracts them to the site. These solutions implement the concept of “auto-dissemination,” which results in effectively killing mosquitos and larvae at breeding sites anywhere near the trap.

In2Care mosquito traps can be placed throughout your yard at recommended intervals. Every four weeks, these traps must be maintained and refilled to continue managing the mosquitos. We can set up these mosquito traps and then maintain them for you throughout the season, so you can enjoy your yard and not worry about mosquitos taking over your outdoor living space.

In2Care solutions are an environmentally friendly and effective way to control the mosquito population in your yard. If you have any questions about how these solutions work, contact us. We can also tell you more about them the next time we come to provide regular pest control treatment at your home in Durham, North Carolina.


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