Mosquito Control Program

It is time to reclaim your yard.


Mosquitoes can make the nicest backyard impossible to enjoy. Take back your yard this season with our proven mosquito treatments. 

Castle Exterminators offers 3 solutions for mosquito control: 

  • the In2Care trap (Green service)
  • seasonal backpack misting
  • one-time mosquito control services.


In2Care Green Mosquito Plan

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Mosquitos.. Suck.

How Does the In2Care System Work?

In2Care uses mosquito traps to reduce mosquito populations around your property. The number of traps needed depends on the size of your property. A professional service technician from Castle Exterminators does the installation and maintenance. 

The In2Care system uses a fungus approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is safe for humans and pets, but toxic to mosquitoes—both the adults and the larvae. Mosquitoes are attracted to the trap and pick up the fungus. When the mosquitoes leave the trap, they spread it to breeding areas, where it eliminates larvae and kills the adult mosquitoes.

With In2Care mosquito traps, you'll have a mosquito elimination device working for you 24/7. And with Castle taking care of all the maintenance, you won't have to give it a second thought. It's mosquito control but completely green. 

Backpack Misting

Mosquitoes are a problem from March through October. Using our monthly mosquito control during this season, you can't go wrong with our backpack misting service. A trained service technician will walk around your property, applying a solution to the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest and reproduce. This misting significantly reduces mosquito populations, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors. The results are a wonderful time spent in your yard!

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Green Mosquito Treatment that Works