Ant Protection Tips All Homeowners Need to Follow

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An ant problem in your home can quickly worsen into a major ant infestation. While we here at Castle Exterminators are more than happy to remove ants, it also helps to take advantage of ant protection tips that can help prevent ants from taking over your space.

Ant Protection Tips All Homeowners Need to Follow

Here are some of the most important ant protection steps that all homeowners should be following.

• Keep your home clean. A dirty, cluttered house can be an open invitation for ants and other pests to enter and linger around your home. However, a clean home is much less inviting to them. Removing clutter and cleaning up after yourself any time there’s a mess is a great way to protect your home from ants.

• Store food securely. Ants can chew away at cardboard boxes that house your cereal and other pantry foods. They have a much harder time getting through plastic containers and other sealed food containers, so make sure your food is hard for ants to access by storing it in a secure place.

• Prioritize moisture control. A lesser-known ant protection measure is to prevent moisture problems. Ants are attracted to moist wood to make their nests. You can help make sure ants have a harder time building their nests by making sure any drips or leaks around your home are fixed as soon as possible.

For more ant protection tips, be sure to reach out to us. We’re happy to help you keep your home safe from ants and other pests and will remove them if you’re dealing with an infestation, so be sure to reach out to us today if you need pest control services.