Don’t Hesitate to Call Pest Control if You Notice These Signs!

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We know how incredibly frustrating and alarming it can be to have an unwanted pest roaming your home. While animals are often elusive, you may still see signs you have a pest on the premises. You need pest control services immediately, whether you’ve heard something scuffling in the walls or laid eyes on the intruder. However, many homeowners don’t know when to call for pest control services.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Pest Control if You Notice These Signs!

One of the first signs of an unwanted visitor in your house is droppings. Usually, you may find droppings in the kitchen pantry or scattered throughout the house. Droppings are common; upon seeing them, you should call for pest control services immediately. The same thing goes if you find an animal nest. Any signs of a wild animal turning your home into theirs require an immediate call to a professional.

Another common sign that you need pest control services is if you find fabric, furniture, or wires gnawed or chewed on. Mice and rats often rip upholstery to help create their nests, and they might chew on a wire thinking it is food. Any sign of damage to your belongings or home is an indicator to give pest control a call.

One of the last signs you should look out for is different and unusual sounds. If you hear squeaking, squealing, scurrying, flapping, or whining from your walls, ceiling, or cupboards, you are more likely to have a pest problem. Of course, the most obvious sign that you need to call pest control is if you see an animal inside your home.

If you notice any of these signs or suspect that you have an animal in your home for a different reason, don’t hesitate to call us. We can inspect your home and safely remove any pest problems.