Eradicate Your Ant Problem with Eco-Friendly Ant Removal

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Much like icebergs, the visible parts of an ant problem are only a fraction of the issue at hand, hence the cliche, “tip of the iceberg.” When you notice ants in your home, often coming in to retrieve food to feed the colony, there are likely so many more where those came from. Ant colonies are large underground structures that house a thriving colony of worker ants and the queen. These worker ants are sent out to acquire resources for the queen and colony, and some of these pests may find their way into your home.

Eradicate Your Ant Problem with Eco-Friendly Ant Removal

While small measures to eliminate the ant problem may seem like a good idea, it can generally exacerbate the problem, as more workers are sent out to replace the ones that have gone missing. This is where our professionals can help with ant removal in your home. Choosing an ant removal specialist can curb the problem at the source: the colony.

At Castle Exterminators, we deploy eco-friendly ant removal techniques that include a bait that will be taken back to the colony and spread amongst the others to kill them all off, including the queen. Eliminating all the ants in this way will prevent a recurrence.

With eight years of pest control experience, the personalized and excellent customer service you expect from a small business, and a genuine desire to help our clients, we will make sure our eco-friendly and green measures work in a way that is safer for your home and your family. Choosing to minimize the use of pesticides will keep your mind at ease while we perform ant removal in your space. Give us a call today for an inspection and to come up with the best plan for your home!