The Best Ways to Implement Mice Control

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Mice problems typically occur in the winter. When temperatures drop, animals start to take shelter for harsh winter conditions. You’ll notice quickly when you begin to have a mice problem, and you’ll likely act fast since they can be a nuisance. To help guide you, here are the best ways to implement mice control in your home.

The Best Ways to Implement Mice Control

  • Address Entry Points – You’ll never get rid of your mice problem if you don’t address the points of entry. Points of entry include any place that a mouse can get in and out of your house. Look out for entry access points such as doors, cracks, and small openings. Don’t rule out access points that seem small — you’d be surprised what a mouse can squeeze through. Try caulking cracks and small holes to keep rodents out.
  • Mouse Traps – Once you seal off your points of entry, it’s time to address the mice currently in your home. You can catch mice by simply setting a trap with some sort of bait such as peanut butter, bacon, chocolate, etc. Additionally, you’ll want to place your traps strategically, such as along baseboards and walls where you have had sightings of mice.
  • Sanitation – To prevent mice from occurring in your home, practice frequent sanitation. Mice are drawn to food of all kinds. Keeping your home clean and sanitized will reduce the risk of mice invading your home.
  • Control Mice Inside & Outside – It can be just as important to control the mice outside of your home as it is to control them inside. Seeing a mouse here and there on your property isn’t a big deal. However, if you’re seeing mice close and up against the exterior of your home, you should be concerned since they may be looking for a way in.

We hope these tips will help you implement mice control in your home. If you have any questions regarding mice control and the services we provide, please contact us at Castle Exterminators today!