Three Common Misconceptions about Mice Control

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Having mice in the house can be disquieting, cause damage to your home, and create health concerns for you and your family. When you find a mouse in your home or any signs of mice, you’ll want to act quickly to rid the mice from your home as soon as possible.

Three Common Misconceptions about Mice Control

Here are three common misconceptions about mice control to help ensure you get it right from the beginning:

  1. The cat will get it: While your pet cat can be helpful with keeping the mice in check around your home, and the chase will be great exercise, this is probably one of the least effective mice control methods. The cat won’t likely find all the mice, and this won’t prevent mice from returning to your home in the future. There are other natural ways to rid your home of mice if you’re trying to avoid mouse traps and chemicals that could potentially harm your children or pets.
  2. Poison will do the trick: This is yet another mice control method we would not recommend. While the poison will effectively kill the mice, it will likely result in mice dying inside the walls or attic where you’ll have to hunt them blindly before your home fills with the stench of dead mice.
  3. I trapped them all; now I’m done: This is another common misconception about mice control. Even if your mouse problem seems to go away after catching a few mice in the traps you set, this still doesn’t serve as an effective or permanent solution. You still have all the entry points in your home where more mice could return in the future. It will be important to seek these points out and seal every crack and hole you might find.

One of the surest ways to accomplish the most effective and permanent mice control solution is through a professional pest control company like ours. At Castle Exterminators, we have all the expertise and equipment to eliminate and prevent your mouse problem effectively and thoroughly. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.