Three Tips for Effective Rat Control

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It can be alarming to find a rat running through your home, and they can be tough to catch before they cause any damage to your home. Fortunately, we at Castle Exterminators have plenty of experience with rat control and removal.

Three Tips for Effective Rat Control

Here are our top three tips for effective rat control:

  1. Avoid rat poison: Our top tip for rat control is to avoid using rat poison of any kind to handle the problem. While it can be effective in killing the rats, it often leaves you with bigger messes to clean up. The rats can eat the poison and die inside the walls or other unreachable places and leave your home smelling of dead rats until you find them. Rat poison is also dangerous for pets and children.
  2. Use familiar flavors for mouse traps: Another key tip for rat control is to use flavors or food items you think the rats might have tasted inside your home for your mouse traps. That way, the bait will be more familiar and tempting. The cartoons always show cheese, but peanut butter is often a better option.
  3. Hire an exterminator: Even if you’ve already set your traps with all the right bait, it’s still important to call an exterminator. We can effectively trap and remove any rats in your home much more efficiently than you might achieve on your own. We can also apply necessary preventative measures in and around your home to prevent any rats or other rodents from returning.

If you have a rat problem of any size, it’s important to call us for our rat control services, so we can handle your problem right away. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.