Why You Need Professional Cockroach Removal

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You keep a tidy house, yet roaches still find their way in. Don’t be embarrassed; it happens to even the best of us. Rather than trying to handle them yourself, professional cockroach removal is the smartest way to go. There are several reasons why we recommend it.

Why You Need Professional Cockroach Removal

  1. Cockroach Infestations Are Hard to Control. Cockroaches multiply at lightning speed, starting from just a few founders to thousands in a matter of weeks. In fact, some female cockroach species can produce over 50 offspring at a time! Trying to tackle a severe roach infestation with some store-bought spray will prove futile against their exponential breeding capabilities.
  2. Cockroaches Are Master Evaders. These expert hitchhikers can flatten their bodies at will. They’ll slide into any crack or crevice, hiding out of sight and evading casual pesticide applications. You may kill some roaches, but plenty more will be safely tucked away, continuing to breed rapidly.
  3. Cockroaches Are Health Hazards. Another reason we recommend professional cockroach removal is these insects are known pathogen carriers. They spread bacteria like salmonella and E. coli wherever they travel. Additionally, contact with roach excrement and body parts can trigger allergies and asthma.
  4. Proper Pesticide Control Is Important. Over-the-counter sprays and foggers contain harsh chemicals and aren’t always applied thoroughly enough to reach every hiding spot. Without proper precautions during application, these pesticides can pose health hazards inside your property. On the other hand, our professional technicians have the right gear and application techniques to limit your exposure to them. Furthermore, we use eco-friendly pesticides that protect everyone involved.

At Castle Exterminators, we’ll prioritize your health and safety during cockroach removal. Call us to request an appointment today.