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Our ant control process gets to the heart of the colony– the queen ant!

Ants are among the most challenging insects to effectively eliminate from your Durham, North Carolina home or business. DIY methods are highly ineffectual and can actually make the problem worse. At Castle Exterminators, we utilize the latest technology and techniques to end your ant problem and prevent their return.

When ants travel, they leave a chemical trail that enables them to easily return to their colony and have either themselves or fellow ants return to the great spot they have found. The queen ant in a colony is a very attentive creature. If she notices that a large number of ants haven’t returned, she assumes the colony is under attack and she’ll lay a large number of eggs to compensate for the missing workers. Several ants will be sent out to follow the chemical trail, and that means the ones you killed could be replaced by an even larger number. This is why using ant sprays, squashing the ants, or otherwise dealing with the ant problem yourself is not effective.

Our ant control methods take into account that for an ant colony to be eliminated, the queen must be eliminated. We utilize products that the workers will take back to the colony to be shared with all the members, including the queen, ultimately causing their death. With an effective ant control barrier around your property, even stragglers won’t find your property inviting, so any future problem is averted.

If you would like to know more about our ant control services or any of our pest control services for residential and commercial properties, don’t hesitate toreach out to us.