Bed Bug Protection, Durham, NC

Our technicians can also provide tips for bed bug protection.

Dealing with bed bugs is an incredibly frustrating situation. Although these insects aren’t inherently dangerous, as they haven’t been linked to the spread of disease, they can cause discomfort and pain when they bite their victims. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals, relying on this food source to stay alive. When they take up residence in a home, they typically come out at night and bite their victims while they sleep. These bugs can live on small amounts of blood, so they can stay hidden for long periods of time. They also reproduce quickly, which can result in an infestation.

Bed Bug Protection in Durham, North Carolina

You can take bed bug protection steps to protect yourself from pest issues. They can enter your home on clothing and other textiles, so use caution when sleeping outside of your home. Reducing clutter in your living space can minimize the areas where bed bugs hide, and vacuuming regularly can target hitchhikers who get into your home successfully. If you already have bed bugs in your Durham, North Carolina living space, our team at Castle Exterminators can take immediate action. We offer bed bug inspection and control services to target and eliminate these bothersome creatures as soon as they take up residence.

Our technicians can also provide tips for bed bug protection. If we notice anything in your bedrooms that may entice the bugs, we can make recommendations to reduce the risk of future infestations. For the best in bed bug protection and control services, trust the team who has been serving the area for over a decade.