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Take back your yard with our effective mosquito control options.

Have you ever noticed during an outdoor activity that some people tend to be a magnet for mosquitos, and others appear unscathed by them? Just as you would go to a buffet and gravitate toward your favorite foods, mosquitos tend to zero in on scents that they like. At Castle Exterminators, we can use that to our advantage by setting up mosquito control traps with a fungus that mosquitos are attracted to.

Not only do these baits keep them occupied instead of you being the target, but the fungus is also toxic to them. It doesn’t act immediately, however, which is great because they carry it back to their breeding area and it goes to work killing both adults and larvae. This mosquito control system from In2Care is a 24/7 elimination device that is completely safe for humans and pets.

When mosquitos are at their worst, you might need a bit more help. Our seasonal backpack misting is another tool in our arsenal. Our technician walks around your property, spraying areas where mosquitos are most likely to frequent. Between these two mosquito control systems, you will be able to take back control of your Durham, North Carolina yard so you can enjoy summer without fear of having lots of itchy bites.

If you have questions about our mosquito control services for mosquito season running from March through October, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you with your other pest control needs, as well, including issues at your business.


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