Great experience and service! Very knowledgeable and attentive to our concerns. Alex was wonderful and took the time to listen. He explained the chemicals used and ensured that they were safe for our pets and kids. This is definitely the best pest control company in the Triangle, and we love supporting a small business! Muchísimas gracias Alex por su atención y ayuda!

- Katherine and Diego C.

Castle Exterminators responded extremely quick to my request as a new customer. I sent an email Friday evening after hours and had an email waiting for me on Monday morning and service set up for the next day. Alex is awesome. He’s a great guy and really shows that he cares about earning your business. He came a few hours earlier than expected. I definitely recommend this company and their services.

- Anthony M.

I appreciate how helpful and professional Castle Exterminators has been. I highly recommend them.

- Gordon C.

Castle Exterminators was wonderful. They were honest and gave a thorough explanation of our home’s needs. They were not just out to gain a dollar, but to honestly assess the situation. I am so thankful and will use them again.

- Joy A.

We were greatly impressed from the initial request phone call to the completion of services provided. Our insect problem was solved! Professional at every step. Alex was helpful and attentive. He is a man of integrity and of sure faith. He cared for my elderly mom as if she was his parent. He ended the service call with a sweet time of prayer. Thank you, Alex and your team!

- Linda B.

Thank you! We just moved into a rental and got a preventative spray. They were responsive and quick.

- Coco W.

Alex and his son were very helpful, thoroughly explained the process, and did a nice job. They wore masks during this period of social isolation, which was also comforting. Highly recommend.

- Lauren P.

We have a lovely home on a wooded lot. For years, we could not enjoy our deck and play area because the mosquitoes were so overwhelming. Castle Exterminators came out and have been treating for mosquitoes for 2 years now. What a difference it has made. The summer evenings can be enjoyed because we do not have the buzzing of mosquitoes while we eat or just enjoy the outdoors. It is worth every penny. They really check your property for the breeding areas as well as keep the annoying insects away. I have been very pleased with their prompt responsiveness and punctuality. I highly recommend their company.

- Donna S.

Honestly I couldn’t be happier. In less than 2 hours from the initial call, they were on scene and solving the problem. The house had not had an exterminator visit in over 15 years. Awesome to have an Eagle Scout talk you through all of the ins and outs of pests while caring for the elderly in the process. Thank you for your help and hard work! Your willingness to go above and beyond is the reason we will continue our relationship. Thanks!

- Eric

We had our first pest experience in our new house! Alex did a great job of telling us and quoting us for preventative treatments (termites) and treating our home! He came on time and even gave us a courtesy call before arriving! Great experience and great company!!

- Venessa D.

Castle Exterminators did a great job. The young men who came by to do my termite treatment were on time, professional and updated me every few hours with their progress. They explained their process so I knew exactly what was taking place. I also had a vapor barrier install in my crawlspace and signed up for quarterly pest control. Taking pictures after the job to show me their work was greatly appreciated. Great price!! Thank you, Castle Exterminators.

- Pamela P.

I’ve had Castle as my exterminators for years and can’t say enough great things about them. It’s a local, family-owned company where customer service is a priority! Alex (owner) will take good care of you, whatever your pest control needs are!

- Carol S.

Castle Exterminators just came to inspect and treat the house. We have had other firms come out, but none can even compare to the service we have received from Castle. In addition to the outside being inspected and treated, Alex inspected every inch of the interior of the house and basement areas. Throughout the process, he explained what he was looking for and advised on any areas of concern. Alex was not only professional, but also wonderfully pleasant, and his attention to detail was extraordinary! If you need a pest inspection or treatment, this is the man to call! Highly recommend!

- Jana C.

After repeated unsuccessful attempts at catching mice by setting traps, I decided to call an exterminator to have this mouse problem fixed once and for all! I called Castle Exterminators and arranged for Alex to come out. He arrived at the time we agreed upon and went right to work. He inspected the house to see where mice could enter, including going under the house and into the attic. He sealed up openings where it appeared mice could get in. He set bait traps under the house and smaller ones behind the washer/dryer and under the sink. He worked very efficiently. He was professional and pleasant and confident he could remedy the problem. I would definitely recommend Castle Exterminators if you need that type of service.

- Dorothy G.

We are very pleased with the work Alex did for us. He is very friendly and was flexible with our scheduling.

- Elisia

Well that was easy! 🙂 What friendly, knowledgeable, professional guys! They were able to fit me in their schedule last minute, arrived on time, and were extremely respectful with COVID precautions (wore masks and gloves). After assessing my situation and asking thoughtful questions, they went straight to work and applied the spraying treatment inside and outside of my house (for ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders). They wiped clean some funky spider web nests outside in places I didn’t notice, and even ended up repairing a broken gate hinge on my fence really quickly! They left my place better than when they found it! I’m thankful for their speedy and professional work and for their kind, positive, reassuring attitudes. I recommend them without a doubt! 🙂
- Lauren K.

After finding a black widow on my porch, I was freaked out and called Alex in a panic based on a recommendation from one of his long-time clients. He was absolutely fantastic — exactly the type of local, treat-you-like-family, kind of service that I always hope for! He calmed me down, explained why that spider was hanging around and things I could do to prevent it in the future, got rid of that individual (RIP spider, but you are not welcome here!), and treated my whole home. Even more than the high quality, I enjoyed speaking with Alex and felt instantly that he cared about me and my safety and comfort. Highly recommend!

- Amy B.

Amazing service. Josh was very helpful and was really cool to talk to. Very friendly, family-owned business that was easy to work with! Great prices too for monthly visits. Highly recommend!

- Jordan M.

The exterminators were professional, polite, and thorough. Alex was fair, informative, and extremely helpful. After such a good experience with Castle Exterminators at my primary residence, I decided to re-hire them to provide treatment at one of my rental properties. I highly recommend Castle Exterminators!

- Mark M.

We have just had our first visit from Alex and Jake, and all the reviews that we had read that led us to calling Castle Exterminators were right on target. Alex arrived promptly when he said they would and gave a courtesy call before arriving. They followed all the necessary COVID restrictions and went right to work explaining our situation, what we could do to partner with him to get the best results, and with clear explanations of various pest problems we were and could be addressing. He was extremely careful bringing a large ladder into our home and while treating the interior. Jake was equally professional. But not only that, they were people who you could tell were intent on doing the best job, as well as friendly and kind. The kind of people whom you would not only want to do business with, but whom you are blessed to know. We expect only good things in the future and were happy to contract with Castle Exterminators. Viva Alex!

- Jeffery B.

Great experience! Josh was extremely friendly and patient. He listened to our rambling about where we saw pests and got right to work spraying. We couldn’t be happier with the support and customer service.

- Jonathan M.

Alex and his son are wonderful. They are very responsive, always professional, and their service is wonderful. On a personal level, they are very easy to communicate with and very friendly. Thanks, guys.

- Nissa P.

I recently had Castle Exterminators out to my home and my business. They were on time, quick, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them!

- Shelley C.

I have been a client for many years and have NEVER had a bad experience. They are trustworthy, experienced and truthful. We have them come every three months. This is the South. You need this service.

- Heather A.

No one loves exterminating as much as Alex. He couldn’t be nicer or easier to work with — and he does great work. I didn’t expect to love my bug guy this much, but I can’t help it!

- Megan G.

I am extremely impressed by the service we received from Castle Exterminators. We have had a problem with those large, dark roaches despite having had other exterminators regularly for the past four years. They were on time, professional, and friendly. They went out of their way to find the source of the infestation, not just spray around the house. They went into the attic and crawlspace and treated those areas as well as the places we typically see the bugs. And they kept us informed about what they were doing and what we should be looking for. I recommend them highly.

- Nancy H.

Let’s face it. Mosquitoes love me. And I love my front porch. In the past years, I had different companies come out and treat my yard. I would still get bitten and had to use bug spray to sit out on my porch, even when they came back a 2nd time the week after. But I had Castle Exterminators come, and now my bug spray is sitting there bored because I haven’t had to use it. I’m so glad I started working with Castle. Highly recommended.

- Lucie W.

Castle Exterminators did a wonderful job at our house. They came within the window we were told and were extremely thorough. They spent more time at our house than all exterminators have combined in the last 5 years we have been at our house. Their annual service price was the best we found in all of our research, which made them an extraordinary value. They treated inside and outside our home, in our crawlspace, and in our shed and did a free termite inspection. They spent extensive time discussing our concerns and walked around our property explaining all of our options and needs. I cannot recommend them enough for their professional, personalized, and thorough service.

- Christie H.

I had previously used them for termite treatments and was really happy with the small, family business approach. They treated me as a priority and helped me understand what was needed and how to fix the problem. They were fair and honest, and I am happy to say they had the same great service the second time around. I really enjoyed both Christine’s support in setting up my appointment and Alex’s expert advice in person. Great customer service and very responsive to my needs!

- Alley J.

They did more than I expected. Alex is one of the best. He explained everything. We will use him again.

- M

Great experience! Josh was extremely friendly and patient. Listened to our rambling about where we saw pests and got right to work spraying. Couldn’t be happier with the support and customer service.
- Jonathan M.

If you need exterminator help, Alex is your guy!! Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and takes the time to truly listen to what you’ve been dealing with so he can properly treat. Also, very kind and cautious with pets, which is a major bonus. We’ve been dealing with roaches and they do a very thorough search and really try to get to the bottom of the issue. No need to compare other options- Castle Exterminators is who you want. Alex, muchísimas gracias por su amabilidad y atención. Esta noche dormirme mejor sabiendo que su buen trabajo esta ayudando nuestro problema de cucarachas. Gracias!
- Leslie S.

I have been using Castle Exterminators for several years, and they have been very professional and always on time.

- Bill H.

I am on Castle Exterminators’ quarterly plan and worked with Alex today. Alex did a thorough job of spraying both the inside and outside of my home. He even fixed a couple of bolts that were loose on the expandable staircase to my attic. What a great guy. Work with this company–they are wonderful. Thanks again!

- Katherine S.

We live in an older home on a wooded lot and have dealt with bugs and mice. Castle Exterminators has been our home pest control service for over a year, and we no longer see bugs or mice. We added the natural mosquito treatment this year and have been very happy. We are not getting bitten at all, and we spend a lot of time outside. AND we still see butterflies and bees in the yard — I’m so glad they had a natural option. I appreciate how quickly Castle responds to questions and how helpful they are in all things related to pest control. I highly recommend this local business.

- Sarah S.

We used another exterminator company twice before calling Castle Exterminators. It did nothing! Our daycare used Castle for their quarterly treatment, so we called them. Alex was quick, extremely knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. He came out and did one treatment, and the issue was resolved! We continue to use Castle quarterly and will never go back! Highly recommend.

- Valerie F.

Excellent, trustworthy, timely. We have used them for 5 years. They’re always able to help with specific pest issues that may arise. Exceptional.

- Dan C.

Castle Exterminators managed to fit me in last minute when I called about the cockroaches that were driving me insane! Both guys were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, looked inside and outside the house for areas of concern, and sprayed. I was happy to go with a local business with employees who clearly loved their job and were on time, energetic, friendly and helpful. The price for the year was also less than half of Orkin. I’ve already seen a bunch of dead cockroaches, so it looks like it’s working! Hopefully the roaches won’t come back in between services.

- Emily C.

I switched from one local company to Castle Exterminators and could not be more pleased with their services!

- Jenna L.

They came with face masks and gloves. Communicated clearly and well. Explained the problem to my landlord in a way he could understand. Highly recommend!!

- Rikki S.

This family has been taking care of our parents’ home for years. Whenever they have had problems with ants, mice, spiders, or even mosquitoes, they arrange to come before scheduled service. The home is located in the woods with a creek and old pond. With the mosquito service, we don’t have a problem. I could go on, but will end with great service and a great family that cares about the person, not just the job.

- Linda G.

Very friendly and thorough. Made sure they covered everything. A professional service, well done.

- Palmer R.

We have had Alex out for a number of issues at both of our houses. He has helped treat for termites, mosquitoes & spiders. Also was a great help ridding us of a few mice in the attic. Christine provided great advice and scheduled someone to come out right away to help us with all of our issues. We’re very happy with their work, and we recommend them to our friends, family and clients!

- Alysia S.

I’m so thankful for Castle Exterminators! Alex and his team were professional, knowledgeable, respectful with COVID precautions (wore masks & gloves), and friendly. They made extra efforts to clean away some hidden/funky spider webs/nests that I didn’t notice before, and even fixed the broken gate hinge on my fence! They were speedy and left my place better than they found it. I definitely recommend their work. Thank you guys so much!

- Lauren K.

Alex (the owner) has treated my house quarterly for over almost two years now. I trust him, and he does great work. Before using him, I paid more (to a huge company) and got less. Castle Exterminators is service minded and delivers a great experience, and I want to let people know it.

- Dan C.

Alex is a professional. I used another company before. Castle Exterminators put them to shame! When he first walked in, he wanted to know what was going on. He explained his every move and why it needed to be done. I waited a couple of days before posting this, but Alex and his company, Castle Exterminators, will always do my work. They by far outdo any other company. All I can say is WOW ! This is service and beyond. Thanks again to Alex and his company!

- Mike R.

Alex works hard and does a fantastic job. I trust him and highly recommend him.

- Elizabeth K.

Alex, who is the sole proprietor of Castle Exterminators, never fails to keep an appointment and is the most professional and pleasant person that has ever come into my house to provide a service. He is conscientious, respectful and highly effective. I recommend him to anyone who needs a pest control person.

- Jeanne S.

They take care of any problem, including termites.

- Elizabeth W.

Castle Exterminators did a wonderful job at our house. They came within the window we were told and were extremely thorough. They spent more time at our house than all other exterminators have combined in the last 5 years we have been at our house. Their annual service price was the best we found in all of our research, which made them an extraordinary value. They treated inside and outside our home, in our crawlspace, in our shed and did a free termite inspection. They spent extensive time discussing our concerns and walked around our property explaining all of our options and needs. I cannot recommend them enough for their professional, personalized, and thorough service.
- Christie H.